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As your business grows, it becomes more and more important to ensure that your data be available where ever you are. Whether you are at the office, at a client office, on the road, traveling, or even over seas, access to your infomration is the most important factor for your connectivity.

Co-location and Cloud Computing helps increase availability of your information, speed up efficiency, provide stronger security and reduce overall costs of information management and operations. Our Co-location and Cloud Computing hosted services are fully managed, which means you do not need to worry about overtime costs, special training or staff management.

Managed Co-Location

Our Managed Co-Location service is designed for providing you effective, cost-efficient and convenient managed services. Whether you have one server or more, Managed Co-Location provides you with the peace of mind that your data is safe, your systems are available 24 /7 and that you have redundant power and connectivity. Best of all, with our remote hands, we're always available to manage your needs.

Managed Co-Location can provide your managed servers connectivity to your corporate offices, the Internet or even a private network cloud (VPLS) at speeds from 5Mbps to 1Gbps. Whether you own or lease your servers, Managed Co-Location is fast, easy and secure

More information is available by clicking here to
download our Managed Co-Location whitepaper.
Virtual Co-Location

Similar to our Managed Co-Location service is our Virutal Co-Location service, with one difference, it's all virtualized. Using the latest in virutlaization technology, our Virtual Co-Location service reduces cost by removing any hardware expenses and reducing the physical footprint to a virtual state.

With the same benefits of our Managed Co-Location such as remote-hands service and variable speed avaialbility
our Virtual Co-Location services provide your business with a strong enterprise-class, affordable, hosted solution in an environment built for business.

To learn more about our Virtual Co-Location services,
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to download our Virtual Co-Location whitepaper.

Cloud Computing

Truly a breakthrough in network computing, our Cloud Computing service provides you the assurance of always being available when you need it, where ever you need it. By providing Managed Co-Location and/or Virtual Co-Location in 2 or more of our hosting physical facilities, we can create a network that has presence in multiple markets cities.

Cloud Computing provides faster access, greater redundancy and stronger viability. Cloud Computing can be comprised of different Operating Systems, networking technologies and storage solutions, best suited to meet your needs and be kind to your budgets.

For more information about our Cloud Computing service,
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to download our Cloud Computing whitepaper.

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