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Maintaining a competitive edge in todays' business means being on top of the business trends. Having extensive and integrated network services is just part of the trends that can help you succeed in business. Our data services are designed with your needs in mind. If our customers ask for it, we will engineer it.

We listened to our customers and by doing so, we've designed a family of network services to help your business reach its goals and become a global competitor. In a time where business moves fast, you need to be ready and we have got the network services that helps you move even faster. Our network data services are for your ever-demanding business needs.

Private Network Cloud

One of our most exciting products is our Virtual Private Line Service (VPLS) . This is a virtual Layer-2 network that creates a true Layer-2 network. The VPLS cloud requires no routing, no VPN devices and enables you to have one or more subnets that you can configure in every way that you need.

Unlike Virtual Private Networking (VPN) over the Internet, our VPLS is completely private and does not use the Internet to connect your sites and data centers. This makes it much more secure and safe from malicious attacks from the outside world.

With various speeds available for each location, you have the flexibility to prioritize your data throughput . For more information about private cloud services, click here to download our VPLS white paper.
Dedicated Internet Access

The Internet has become the number medium for corporations to interact and conduct business. Being such a critical resource for business in todays business world, business executives know that having the right Internet provider makes all the difference.

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides you with the highest speeds possible with a strong service guarantee. Unlike cable and DSL Internet providers, we stand behind our service with a 99.999% uptime* service level agreement.

With speeds up to 100Mbps to your offices and 1Gbps at your data center, Dedicated Internet Access gives you the power, stability, speed and guarantee you need to ensure that your business can maximize its productivity.

Building Broadband

As a property manager, one of the best services you could offer your tenants is Broadband Internet services. For property management, the logistics of managing such a service may be more of an under taking than desired, but our Building Broadband service takes the heavily workload off of your shoulders and delivers a service that is in-demand.

Our managed Building Broadband service is a unique service. We provide the building connectivity, we take care of all cabling, we provide tenant connectivity, we manage the in-building network, we provide the technical support and you receive the benefit of increased monthly revenues.

This service is unlike any other Building Broadband service as it is transparent and gives the appearance as if the network is completely managed by you.

*Uptime calculated on an average basis of availability.
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