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We have designed a very elaborate Frequently Asked Questions forum. With contributions from our customers, technicians and engineers we have sorted through thousands of questions and found many common questions that we felt are excellent. Our specialists were more than happy to answer these questions and we published them to help you learn more. If you have a question that you would like to see in our F.A.Q., simply click our contact form and submit your question for review.

What is the minimum Internet speed I need to use your voice service?
How much bandwidth does a phone call consume?
Sometimes I hear breakup on a phone call. What causes that?
Sometimes my touch tones do not work. Why?
Why do some incoming calls seem to have no sound, but the person calling me hears me just fine?
We set up an IP PBX in a lab and everything worked fine. When we rolled it out, we have many audio problems. What may be causing this?
This is VoIP! Why do you have taxes and surcharges on your bills?
How many calls can I make at the same time?
Can I get voice mail with my service?
My office is moving to another city and we want to keep our main numbers when we move, but we are going to stay with our traditional provider. Is this possible?

Right now I have 8 IP addresses. Can I have more?
Is there a way to check my speed?
I recently had a 5 Megabit line installed but I hink I need more speed. Without extending my contract, can I double my speed?
I think there is a problem with my speed, how can this be fixed?
Are there any proxy servers between my connection and the Internet?
I know that some cable companies use Cache Proxies to increase my speed. Do you?
Why do my speed tests between different sites vary?
What is the difference between latency and jitter?

My company requires more than 1 location connected to each other. Currently we are using VPN from one site to another, basically one big Mesh. This took a lot to configure and it seems as this mesh is one big mess (sorry about the pun). The speeds are lower than I expected and there is always the concern about security since it is over the Internet. I have read a lot about VPLS. How can VPLS be a viable substitute to my situation?
What are the speeds available for VPLS?
How secure is a VPLS?
Is there any way to test the speed of our VPLS?

Do I have to purchase the servers to be co-located?
What kind of servers do I need? Brand? Model?
I currently have servers at my office that I want to co-locate. Is this possible?
Do you have any disaster protection?
What kind of Internet speed can I get for my co-located servers?
If I want to co-locate more than 1 server, can I have a private network between them?
What operating systems can I run on my co-located servers?

If I do not have to provide the hardware for virtual co-location, do I need to provide the software?
I currently have servers at my office that I want to migrate to a virtual co-location. Is that possible?
How do you protect the virtual co-location servers in the event of a disaster?
How fast is the Internet connection with virtual co-location?
If I have multiple virtual co-located servers, can they be connected with a private network?
What operating systems can I run on my co-located servers?
Why is virtual co-location so much less expensive than physical co-location?
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